Spring Is Here.

The last couple months I’ve been on a winter hiatus and it’s been wonderful.

Unexpectedly, some of the more revealing (yet valuable) moments have happened since October and I’m ready to continue to invest more energy and fresh ideas into all that’s going to be coming this year. While booking is still open in the Tennessee area, and sales have continued since the first event, I’ll be focusing my efforts on making my way to farmers markets in Florida so as to attempt to generate more consistent income from/for the business.

After being in Florida for the winter, I was able to officially become the snowbird I’ve always meant to be. I used to fantasize about winter… you know, long coats and scarves and warm drinks. After having a few “real” [not Florida] Winters, it became obvious to me that I loathe the cold, needing to wear as little layers as possible and be around my family as much as I can be. My small, Philippino body can only handle being cooped up and isolated for 2 weeks, tops. My need to run around, skate, swim, sun-bathe is too great to stay in one part of the country that essentially goes to sleep for 4 months out of the year.

There is still this one truth: Tennessee has definitely become home. When I initially moved here, I thought I’d only be around for 9 months. Now, I really can’t imagine life away from this place. Though I’m having to sacrifice time away this year. As I move forward with BTB, I will be in this area when it’s not cold with the exception of the time it’s going to take to save up and get things moving.

Coming back to Tennessee after this winter, I’ve been able to make a fair amount of return from boba despite the lack of official events. Which, has been surprising and quite affirming. I’m very happy to know that there is a market in this small college town despite how unique and rare this product is in this part of the south. After a few consistent¬†visits, word is getting around town and people are beginning to seek out what I’ve been selling. Nothing is more powerful than word of mouth, I suppose!

Accumulatively, my experiences in the last year have been transformative in the sense that I was able to solidify an understanding of myself that requires consistency.¬† When I do a single thing for a long enough period of time, I become really good at it. This goes for everything, relationships, character, work, etc. I know this is a “duh” thing… but that hasn’t been the case for me. Most my life I’ve never known how to invest in myself enough to be consistent with most things. Giving myself the “Jane-of-all-trades” syndrome, which has paralyzed me in the pursuit of going in any one direction. Choosing and then being committed enough to try to master that choice has given me a lot of mental freedom to be laser-focused and get really good at anything I set my mind to.

This year is going to be unique to the rest of my life in that I’ll be making major sacrifices to try to see something through, successfully.

I think it’s going to be one of the best years yet!

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